In order to get the most from my site you will need to register.
You only need to register once to be able to get into the Gallery and the Forums.

I thought I would put together a little help file so you can Understand the 4images gallery that I am now using.

The Control Panel

You can change your login info and any extra info in this area. Your e-mail, username, and password will be transferred to the forums also, but the homepage and ICQ info will not be transferred.

The LightBox

The lightbox link can be found in your login window.
As you are browsing my gallery you can click on the lightbox button under the thumbnail to add it to your lightbox. If you leave my site and come back, your pictures will still be in your lightbox.
When you click on the lightbox link you will see all the pictures in your lightbox.
You can download all of the pictures in one zip file by clicking on the download button at the top-right of the screen. I think there is a limit to how many pictures can be in a zip files but I am not sure what that limit actually is.

Searching the gallery

To find an image with the number 35 in it, you need to type in *35 to make your search. If you leave out the * symbol then it will only bring up anything that Starts with the number 35.

When you have a picture opened up in the Details screen

You can send someone an E-card, add the picture to your lightbox, or download the original image.
Note: check the dimension and file size under the image and you will see you will be downloading larger scans then what is on the screen. Some of my images are actual size but I am working on getting better scans of them for everyone to enjoy.

The Gallery Site uses RSS FEEDS.

If you are using a browser or program that supports RSS feed, there are 2 kinds running at this site.
You can get a feed on the latest Gallery News or the latest images that have been added.
You can even go as far as being told when images are added to certain categories.

For the Forums, there is an already created help file to help you around that area.